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941 Area Code Prefixes

The 941 area code is located in Sarasota, Florida including Bradenton, Venice and was originally put into service on July 4th 1995. Find whose number this is.

Recently Reported Numbers

(941) 951-6643Dangerous

Called 4 times in a row

(941) 462-3426Unknown

Call was forwarded to my phone - claims to be notifying you of some sort of identity theft and then provides the same number as a callback number.

(941) 213-4542Unknown

Boy lucky me! Same m.o. - man called to save he was from Reader's Digest and I won 3.5 million. Needless to say guess I will not return the call.

(941) 940-7041Unknown

Got a call from this number. The caller left no message.

(941) 229-8163Dangerous

12:13 pm Caller ID Myakka City NM Google search showed several people with number not in same areas, no message, goofy caller ID, I am on the do not call lists, Because I know none of these people, they are not ID ed with any cause organization or business I will block them as they are probably scammers.

(941) 405-6720Unknown

got a call

(941) 500-9984Unknown

Called at 11:25am. No message. Blocked it. No ID

(941) 229-8426Dangerous

9:51 am caller ID same # NM google search reveals several different owners of this number none of the people are known to me. I am on do not call lists. The caller left no message . I will block number, this type of caller has proven to be mostly scams.

(941) 259-8344Unknown

Any ideas who calls from 941-259-8344?

(941) 229-7426Unknown

Called two times today. No message left.

Recently Unidentified numbers

941 area code numbers that might be spam, scams or that people have reported as unidentified callers

941-496-5566Verizon Florida Inc.
941-252-1110American Messaging (am)
941-359-6215Verizon Florida Inc.
941-270-6267Sprint Spectrum L.p.
941-474-3920Verizon Florida Inc.
941-486-6750Verizon Florida Inc.

Most searched numbers

All Time This Month
941-878-6771 First seen 2018-09-20 941-887-9580 First seen 2011-09-02
941-359-8945 First seen 2017-02-10 941-102-2492 First seen 2016-01-28
941-887-9580 First seen 2011-10-19 941-806-2968 First seen 2018-10-06
941-496-8394 First seen 2013-05-10 941-958-1844 First seen 2013-03-14
941-963-3660 First seen 2016-02-10 941-806-2968 First seen 2014-03-10
All Time This Month
941-102-2239 First seen 2013-01-01 941-474-9045 First seen 2016-04-29
941-805-8084 First seen 2019-06-11 941-157-3321 First seen 2018-08-11
941-496-7822 First seen 2010-10-04 941-963-9112 First seen 2012-02-24
941-496-7822 First seen 2010-04-26 941-963-9112 First seen 2012-01-29
941-878-7390 First seen 2010-01-16 941-149-4655 First seen 2019-06-03

Cities With coverage

Cape Haze
Longboat Key
Myakka City
North Port
Port Charlotte
Pt Charlotte
Punta Gorda