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915 Area Code Prefixes

The 915 area code is located in El Paso, Texas including Fort Hancock, Vinton and was originally put into service on January 1st 1970. Find whose number this is.

Recently Reported Numbers

(915) 995-0219Dangerous

call 2 times

(915) 264-3494Unknown

+1 added in front of phone number... could re-route call to international exchange that keeps you on the line to make telephone charge fees... DO NOT RETURN CALL...

(915) 995-0188Unknown

Violated the FCC do not call list, appears to be some domestic service that offers credit card consolidation services... which means it is either a fishing scam, or one of hundreds of unscrupulous credit consolidation firms that talk big, and screw you royal.

(915) 995-0188Dangerous

Chinese People

(915) 245-3370Neutral

They call my cell phone EVERY day even after me telling them I am not the person they are looking for. Will not stop calling. Even if they are a legit company you would think they would stop calling the same cell phone every day after being told they have the wrong number.

(915) 671-9945Dangerous


(915) 671-9912Dangerous

Religious scam

(915) 303-0220Unknown

Do not answer and hang up total scam

(915) 526-3700Unknown

Does anybody else getting calls from this number?

(915) 201-0548Neutral

Received 2 calls, one minute apart. El Paso County Jail. Could not make out the name.

Recently Unidentified numbers

915 area code numbers that might be spam, scams or that people have reported as unidentified callers

915-590-5760Southwestern Bell
915-740-4340T-mobile Usa
915-983-8915American Messaging (am)
915-929-8211New Cingular Wireless PCS - IL
915-850-6315Ionex Communications South

Most searched numbers

All Time This Month
915-748-1828 First seen 2015-08-05 915-318-6341 First seen 2011-11-04
915-547-3661 First seen 2018-12-06 915-318-6341 First seen 2014-12-02
915-292-4097 First seen 2017-01-17 915-740-7997 First seen 2016-10-23
915-463-4217 First seen 2016-07-01 915-735-5191 First seen 2010-02-14
915-318-6341 First seen 2015-06-12 915-830-6646 First seen 2019-07-13
All Time This Month
915-929-3972 First seen 2017-06-13 915-735-8813 First seen 2018-02-18
915-983-5538 First seen 2015-04-04 915-847-7512 First seen 2016-08-31
915-590-1461 First seen 2019-07-06 915-292-3099 First seen 2011-08-29
915-318-8139 First seen 2011-09-21 915-459-6513 First seen 2015-12-29
915-740-2604 First seen 2018-03-21 915-418-9673 First seen 2018-04-30

Cities With coverage

El Paso
Fort Hancock
Salt Flat