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818 Area Code Prefixes

The 818 area code is located in Los Angeles, California including Hollywood, Sherman Oaks and was originally put into service on February 4th 1994. Find whose number this is.

Recently Reported Numbers

(818) 660-0816Unknown

I let it ring, no voicemail left, looked on this site and I can see it's probably a scam number.

(818) 806-0397Unknown

Typical of robo calls that either hangs up when you answer or does not leave message. Have limited call blocking on my answering system and don't waste it trying to block calls. Scammers simply rotate through ever changing telephone numbers, so blocking is a waste of time. Believe this was not ASPCA, Greenpeace, the Smithsonian or any other charity. Anyone can claim to be calling on behalf of a c

(818) 351-5651Dangerous

long hold

(818) 858-1317Dangerous

Called 23 times in two days!

(818) 309-2592Dangerous

No caller ID name, always a red flag. Robocaller for bogus police charity.

(818) 912-6932Dangerous

VOIP spooking a real number.

(818) 912-6932Unknown

Really? Someone is "spooking" a number? Well then I hope it is a friendly ghost like Casper.

(818) 753-4898Dangerous

Today's call came in at 6:17pm. This is the third 818 753 call that we have received in the last 2 weeks. Earlier calls were 818 753-6699 and 818 753-7834. All 3 calls used a VOIP series of numbers as the caller ID - all 3 calls left no message. Did not answer and have now blocked.

(818) 821-8020Dangerous

Called our land line at 2:34pm - Sunday. We do not answer unknown calls - especially calls using VOIP numbers as their caller ID. No message was left - now blocked.

(818) 309-4640Dangerous

SCAM/ROBOCALL @ 03:52 pm 10/13/2019

Recently Unidentified numbers

818 area code numbers that might be spam, scams or that people have reported as unidentified callers

818-698-1549Pac - West Telecomm
818-419-5826Cellco Partnership DBA Verizon Wireless
818-955-4330Pacific Bell
818-309-6220O1 Communications
818-523-2396Cellco Partnership DBA Verizon Wireless
818-902-2272Pacific Bell
818-904-1941Pacific Bell
818-426-8626Cellco Partnership DBA Verizon Wireless
818-932-7014Pacific Bell
818-464-5717Teleport Communications Group - Los Angeles
818-257-2058New Cingular Wireless PCS
818-606-7863Cellco Partnership DBA Verizon Wireless
818-963-3859Cellco Partnership DBA Verizon Wireless
818-397-5022New Cingular Wireless PCS
818-202-9095Usa Mobility Wireless

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818-426-6519 First seen 2016-02-28 818-190-5948 First seen 2013-03-28
818-397-1492 First seen 2013-11-13 818-963-5452 First seen 2019-08-31
818-108-8691 First seen 2014-11-19 818-963-5452 First seen 2010-12-03
818-257-7495 First seen 2015-03-15 818-419-9738 First seen 2015-02-18
818-108-8691 First seen 2017-08-17 818-419-9738 First seen 2012-01-14
All Time This Month
818-190-7569 First seen 2016-10-29 818-963-6650 First seen 2011-01-05
818-976-7355 First seen 2012-07-17 818-190-7569 First seen 2014-05-11
818-464-1787 First seen 2011-08-13 818-955-7214 First seen 2010-05-23
818-202-1626 First seen 2014-09-18 818-904-9337 First seen 2014-04-02
818-932-6445 First seen 2018-07-02 818-698-3839 First seen 2015-02-03

Cities With coverage

Agoura Hills
Canoga Park
Granada Hills
La Canada
La Crescenta
Los Angeles
Monterey Park
N Hollywood
North Hollywood
San Fernando
Sherman Oaks
Sun Valley
Van Nuys