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The 747 area code is located in Los Angeles, California including Burbank, Northridge and was originally put into service on August 20th 2010. Find whose number this is.

Recently Reported Numbers

(747) 204-3232Dangerous

Not anything relevant for me.

(747) 245-7107Dangerous

Probable religious scam

(747) 233-8976Unknown


(747) 282-2038Unknown

Said call back 747 282 2038 my social security has been stopped. Really ? Not old enough.

(747) 282-2038Dangerous

Robo call saying that my Social Security would be suspended. I don't take Social Security. Called back and a real voice said, "Social Security." Clearly a scam

(747) 282-2038Unknown

Well they’re still calling and leaving messages saying they are from the social administration office. First of all his area code is from California and he said he was calling from Texas! They supposedly they had American names but could hardly speak English. It was very hard to understand them. They said that my social security number will be suspended to call them back. Supposedly he is an offi

(747) 233-2763Unknown

'Kathy' left me msg, reciting a case number of a file for me 'on her desk,' but stating this was not a collections call. I'm baffled.

(747) 204-3232Dangerous

This is one of the worst spammers! Thank you!

(747) 212-2552Dangerous

"Executive Health" robo call. Spoofed number. One of many that they use that come in from states like Cali, South Carolina, Oregon, etc.

(747) 204-3098Neutral

this number is calling constantly. Home repairs. Even though I've asked them countless times to remove my number, they do not. They call multiple times a week, sometimes several times a day

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747 area code numbers that might be spam, scams or that people have reported as unidentified callers

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747-456-7080 First seen 2014-04-16 747-167-3812 First seen 2019-08-01
747-870-9818 First seen 2015-06-10 747-241-8945 First seen 2010-01-27
747-783-9676 First seen 2014-08-10 747-174-7647 First seen 2013-06-03
747-516-8179 First seen 2016-03-27 747-676-9397 First seen 2016-10-10
747-845-9564 First seen 2011-06-26 747-835-7399 First seen 2018-09-27
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747-167-1178 First seen 2013-10-03 747-835-9805 First seen 2016-04-17
747-835-9805 First seen 2017-01-27 747-456-8987 First seen 2014-04-28
747-130-2240 First seen 2018-01-26 747-456-8987 First seen 2010-07-30
747-845-4641 First seen 2013-09-14 747-229-7373 First seen 2012-03-23
747-265-1956 First seen 2019-04-05 747-241-9190 First seen 2018-11-02

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Canoga Park
Granada Hills
Los Angeles
San Fernando
Sherman Oaks
Sun Valley
Van Nuys