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(671) 527-7478Dangerous

Caller ID read GUAM. Have no contacts for people on GUAM, so didn't answer. The caller left no voice mail. Suspect a scam of some sort.

(671) 826-5304Unknown

Just called me. No message.

(671) 998-3870Unknown

Multiple calls from this number.

(671) 329-6591Dangerous

Thieving Medicare Pain brace bunch. I only answered to aggravate them - since that's all they do to me. I had a few minutes to kill so I played along... At first, the Filipino lady claimed to be calling from Medicare to confirm whether or not I had received my new Red, White, & Blue Medicare card. I told her I thought so... she told me to go get it and she would wait - then she started asking me f

(671) 777-5471Neutral

Find Location

(671) 777-5471Unknown

Not our job and not gonna happen. Hire a private investigator.

(671) 477-2457Dangerous

recorded message about lowering interest rates on credit cards scam

(671) 477-1935Unknown

No message. CID says aguana gu

(671) 998-9644Unknown

Calling my house

(671) 647-6888Unknown

When I answer, they hang up.

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671 area code numbers that might be spam, scams or that people have reported as unidentified callers

671-685-2873Guam Wireless Telephone Company
671-478-3205Teleguam Holdings

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671-803-9562 First seen 2016-11-01 671-986-2307 First seen 2019-08-10
671-856-1759 First seen 2015-06-07 671-827-8370 First seen 2011-07-11
671-827-8370 First seen 2016-10-29 671-801-9160 First seen 2016-11-06
671-685-7591 First seen 2016-10-18 671-956-5396 First seen 2018-01-09
671-856-1759 First seen 2010-02-12 671-455-9903 First seen 2012-11-23
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671-661-8985 First seen 2015-08-15 671-856-6219 First seen 2015-02-04
671-856-6219 First seen 2010-07-02 671-387-7842 First seen 2011-04-02
671-115-4375 First seen 2015-10-17 671-455-7661 First seen 2011-08-31
671-883-1774 First seen 2017-01-12 671-986-6832 First seen 2017-10-21
671-115-4375 First seen 2017-04-22 671-856-6219 First seen 2017-11-13

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