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The 669 area code is located in San Jose, California including Los Gatos, Campbell and was originally put into service on June 26th 2012. Find whose number this is.

Recently Reported Numbers

(669) 202-9416Dangerous

Nutcase zealot trump supporter

(669) 202-1600Unknown

I get calls from this number several times a day is there any thing that you can do about it?

(669) 247-1103Neutral

Already blocked this #. Autoblock is awesome, not even a ring! Just let's me know I have a missed call from the previously blocked #. Yay!

(669) 208-1502Unknown

caller said car warranty expired. never had warranty

(669) 208-1502Unknown

Called saying my car warranty has expired (even though I just bought it in April)

(669) 228-6454Dangerous

Called, silence for 5 seconds and hunger up.

(669) 201-4034Unknown

Just called me. No message.

(669) 209-7514Neutral

No message. Just a hangup.

(669) 777-8867Unknown

Does anybody else getting calls from this number?

(669) 245-6651Unknown

Called @8:02 PDT. Did not answer. No message.

Recently Unidentified numbers

669 area code numbers that might be spam, scams or that people have reported as unidentified callers Clec
669-342-3475New Cingular Wireless PCS
669-444-1585Cf Communications DBA Telekenex

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669-342-7289 First seen 2011-04-18 669-291-1599 First seen 2010-10-18
669-256-7158 First seen 2016-10-09 669-445-6622 First seen 2018-03-27
669-522-3906 First seen 2014-04-16 669-445-6622 First seen 2017-07-12
669-128-4828 First seen 2014-09-11 669-729-6320 First seen 2012-05-20
669-961-2320 First seen 2014-06-06 669-232-6992 First seen 2015-04-22
All Time This Month
669-236-7303 First seen 2010-04-09 669-522-6928 First seen 2016-03-29
669-399-9588 First seen 2012-12-31 669-128-4805 First seen 2014-07-21
669-673-4674 First seen 2010-08-01 669-522-6928 First seen 2016-09-02
669-522-6928 First seen 2015-10-31 669-256-6700 First seen 2013-01-19
669-256-6700 First seen 2018-08-15 669-965-7851 First seen 2011-03-07

Cities With coverage

Los Gatos
Morgan Hill
San Jose
San Martin