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The 667 area code is located in Baltimore, Maryland including Towson, Aberdeen and was originally put into service on April 9th 2013. Find whose number this is.

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(667) 402-1007Dangerous

Called me six times in a row until I answered with total silence.

(667) 218-2712Dangerous

Internet lists this # as a ROBO scammers call.Calls & hangs and always calls @ lunch or supper time and annoying. I'm sure they're looking for Seniors to give their s/s numbers. Don't be fooled. If they were legitimate, they'd use real names and not hide as unlisted, etc.

(667) 307-6969Dangerous

Received a picture of this girl I’ve never meet saying she wanted to meet up showed my girlfriend and she told to report it cause it’s probably some kind of scam

(667) 308-3505Unknown

Received another call on 10/07/2019 at 10:11 AM. Phone log shows I answered it, but I did not. Nor did the phone physically ring and no voice mail was left. Caller ID shows, "TOWSON MD."

(667) 218-5993Unknown

doubt ths are the number from neighbors or fbi to detect your position

(667) 458-4747Unknown

I answered and the caller disconnected.

(667) 307-7065Unknown

A hang up call.

(667) 714-6500Unknown

Unknown caller.

(667) 260-9084Unknown

Hey! I’m having the same thing happening right now and I never received a check.

(667) 260-9084Unknown

You should thank your lucky stars since that check would have bounced higher than they Andromeda Galaxy.

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667 area code numbers that might be spam, scams or that people have reported as unidentified callers

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667-867-4657 First seen 2011-06-15 667-199-8581 First seen 2018-11-22
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667-333-7402 First seen 2016-02-11 667-199-8581 First seen 2018-08-28
667-884-5203 First seen 2015-10-12 667-817-4945 First seen 2012-02-18
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667-521-9343 First seen 2010-09-20 667-884-2748 First seen 2018-08-12
667-400-4377 First seen 2011-08-07 667-521-9343 First seen 2010-12-27
667-867-4623 First seen 2010-12-27 667-397-2958 First seen 2014-01-25
667-867-4623 First seen 2013-02-06 667-501-3676 First seen 2017-06-08
667-345-5523 First seen 2011-06-08 667-534-1274 First seen 2012-12-23

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