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650 Area Code Prefixes

The 650 area code is located in San Jose, California including San Mateo, San Bruno and was originally put into service on October 11th 1997. Find whose number this is.

Recently Reported Numbers

(650) 300-0711Dangerous

"Hello, this is Conor I'm in our company's employment department recorded line" Robocall that is programmed to interact with you and convince the caller they are a real person, but it's a robot.

(650) 268-0550Dangerous

Will send message regarding confirmation of an Uber Code

(650) 517-6727Harassing

This man wants $100 amazon gift cards. He has conversations he will share with my bf and family if I don’t pay.

(650) 200-4787Harassing

Keeps calling without leaving a voice message

(650) 683-8946Harassing

keeps calling my business line and when i answer no one is there; when i call back it's a fast busy signal

(650) 276-0098Dangerous

Keeps calling and no messages robo

Recently Unidentified numbers

650 area code numbers that might be spam, scams or that people have reported as unidentified callers

650-222-1328Sprint Spectrum L.p.
650-306-3147Pacific Bell
650-284-3771Pac - West Telecomm
650-849-8117Pacific Bell
650-390-6120Pacific Bell
650-306-2074Pacific Bell
650-240-4681Pac - West Telecomm
650-682-6282The Telephone Connection Local Services
650-692-6622Pacific Bell
650-473-8451Pacific Bell
650-245-4974New Cingular Wireless PCS
650-604-9924Pacific Bell
650-455-4528New Cingular Wireless PCS
650-653-9205Mci Worldcom Communications, Ca

Most searched numbers

All Time This Month
650-306-5805 First seen 2013-06-18 650-306-5805 First seen 2017-12-01
650-604-7793 First seen 2014-07-07 650-110-6527 First seen 2019-02-11
650-284-9399 First seen 2013-02-27 650-284-9399 First seen 2017-06-09
650-905-1094 First seen 2017-06-17 650-979-9723 First seen 2015-01-30
650-222-9404 First seen 2015-02-13 650-979-9723 First seen 2015-08-20
All Time This Month
650-240-4466 First seen 2015-09-22 650-284-2416 First seen 2015-12-24
650-455-3608 First seen 2012-09-28 650-653-3467 First seen 2013-08-17
650-390-7610 First seen 2014-08-23 650-455-3608 First seen 2016-05-12
650-457-4369 First seen 2015-03-09 650-682-8677 First seen 2016-10-23
650-284-2416 First seen 2018-05-20 650-222-7195 First seen 2018-09-24

Cities With coverage

Half Moon Bay
La Honda
Los Altos
Moss Beach
Mountain View
Palo Alto
Redwood City
S San Fran
San Bruno
San Carlos
San Francisco
San Jose
San Mateo