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The 647-255-XXXX area code prefix is located in Toronto, Ontario including and was originally put into service on January 1st 1970. Run a search and find out who's calling you now.

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647 area code numbers that might be spam, scams or that people have reported as unidentified callers

647-255-1648Rogers Communications Partnership (wireless)
647-255-8562Rogers Communications Partnership (wireless)
647-255-2999Rogers Communications Partnership (wireless)
647-255-3883Rogers Communications Partnership (wireless)
647-255-8757Telus Mobility
647-255-5705Rogers Communications Partnership (wireless)
647-255-3259Telus Mobility
647-255-3745Iristel Inc.
647-255-6949Rogers Communications Partnership (cable)
647-255-9625Rogers Communications Partnership (wireless)
647-255-1835Fido Solutions Inc.
647-255-2138Telus Mobility
647-255-6855Rogers Communications Partnership (cable)
647-255-6610Rogers Communications Partnership (wireless)
647-255-1215Rogers Communications Partnership (wireless)
647-255-1802Rogers Communications Partnership (wireless)

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647-255-5813 First seen 2014-10-28 647-255-3389 First seen 2019-06-20
647-255-9948 First seen 2015-07-07 647-255-9948 First seen 2013-09-09
647-255-5813 First seen 2017-09-13 647-255-5569 First seen 2013-01-12
647-255-9948 First seen 2013-03-14 647-255-3191 First seen 2012-05-27
647-255-3970 First seen 2012-08-31 647-255-8446 First seen 2012-12-07
All Time This Month
647-255-6149 First seen 2013-03-31 647-255-4406 First seen 2012-05-13
647-255-4406 First seen 2012-10-12 647-255-9110 First seen 2019-04-19
647-255-3995 First seen 2017-05-02 647-255-9110 First seen 2010-12-14
647-255-7463 First seen 2017-08-27 647-255-5976 First seen 2010-07-29
647-255-5079 First seen 2018-12-24 647-255-4406 First seen 2017-07-19

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