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The 551 area code is located in Newark, New Jersey including Jersey City, Fair Lawn and was originally put into service on October 17th 2001. Find whose number this is.

Recently Reported Numbers

(551) 220-9991Neutral

Robo call for a person I knew back in the day trying to collect a debt.

(551) 237-7627Dangerous

Many calls from this number!! Never leaves a message.

(551) 241-7169Dangerous

called and left no message. CID number picks up and repeats the number with asian sounding voice and an obvious fake "this number is not in service at this time"

(551) 243-7406Unknown

No message just hangup.

(551) 237-7627Unknown

called again... still no message.

(551) 231-1883Dangerous

They called me on my office phone at work and left a voicemail saying they were from the social security office as well.

(551) 231-1883Unknown

Caller left the same voicemail as all above. Thick accent, sounded Indian to me. Also very angry.

(551) 261-5679Dangerous

JERSEY CITY, NJ - Suspected Spam/Scam - Received unsolicited call out of area!

(551) 247-8008Dangerous

Spam and disrespectful person who has nothing to do with his life

(551) 258-2399Unknown

Keeps calling my number.

Recently Unidentified numbers

551 area code numbers that might be spam, scams or that people have reported as unidentified callers

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551-394-5990 First seen 2016-05-19 551-891-5467 First seen 2014-01-31
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551-834-4052 First seen 2019-07-01 551-811-2428 First seen 2018-05-16

Cities With coverage

Cliffside Park
Cliffside Pk
Fair Lawn
Jersey City
Union City