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The 539 area code is located in Tulsa, Oklahoma including and was originally put into service on January 25th 2011. Find whose number this is.

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(539) 217-0011Dangerous

I thought the scammers were not suppose to call on the weekends and before 9 am weekdays. This number called me last week between 8 and 8:30 am, and today Saturday. I don't answer the phone and you would think they would get the message I am not going to talk to them.

(539) 217-0011Unknown

Where did you get that idea? The Federal rules on telemarketing and debt collection calls are 8am to 9pm 7 days per week. Other types of junk calls are not even required to follow those restrictions.

(539) 217-0011Unknown

Why would you think scammers would care about time limits on phone calls? They're criminals. Laws don't matter to them.

(539) 217-2379Dangerous

They were trying to sell health insurance

(539) 217-3941Unknown

Calls , mo message , and hangup

(539) 217-0011Dangerous

First call just a few minutes after 7:30 am from private caller and left no message. At about 8:30 am a call from529-217-0011, They didn't leave a message. I don't answer the phone if I don't know the caller. My husband hasto sleep late because he doesn't get to go to bed until at least 1 o'clock am.

(539) 233-0455Unknown

Received a call from this number. No message left.

(539) 217-9924Unknown


(539) 202-7115Unknown

Got a phone call from this number. The caller left no message.

(539) 233-0359Unknown

Caller ID read TULSA OK. I don't know anyone in Oklahoma, so I didn't answer. Number now blocked.

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539 area code numbers that might be spam, scams or that people have reported as unidentified callers

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539-730-1731 First seen 2016-01-24 539-340-6989 First seen 2010-11-16
539-388-2581 First seen 2011-05-06 539-284-7768 First seen 2012-07-20
539-768-4544 First seen 2017-05-05 539-716-5517 First seen 2017-05-12
539-716-5517 First seen 2013-09-30 539-107-9512 First seen 2018-09-24
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539-518-1347 First seen 2011-02-20 539-768-6419 First seen 2016-01-04
539-340-5868 First seen 2018-11-29 539-841-9334 First seen 2016-10-29
539-518-1347 First seen 2010-02-12 539-841-9334 First seen 2016-06-17
539-508-3988 First seen 2017-02-01 539-768-6419 First seen 2014-09-18

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