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The 458 area code is located in Eugene, Oregon including Cascade Locks, Bend and was originally put into service on October 3rd 2011. Find whose number this is.

Recently Reported Numbers

(458) 201-6361Unknown

I called the number back and it routed me to a COMPLETELY different number. The lady answered and she worked for a company in Eugene. She was just as confused as I was. DO NOT PICK UP THIS NUMBER. It is definitely a SCAM call!!!

(458) 202-4346Unknown

Another unknown call from Bend, OR. No message left. Blocked as spam! Been getting these at least once a day from this prefix.

(458) 206-3767Unknown

Called twice in less than an hour. I don't know anyone in Bend, Oregon so I didn't answer. No voicemails. I wish these losers would get a life...or a job.

(458) 206-3767Unknown

Never, ever call back. All you've done is confirm it's a working phone number. Now they will call repeatedly and share with other scammers.

(458) 206-3767Dangerous

I got 2 calls from this number in regards to my SSN being suspended. I called them back and it sounded like they were in a different country. He wanted to know my SSN and full name. I asked him for his name and where are they located, because I work for the Government and I know that Social Security Agency does not call people. He hang up on me.

(458) 206-3767Neutral

Caller ID read UNAVAILABLE. Didn't answer but robocaller left a message that my Social Security number has been suspended and to call 458-206-3767. Pure criminal scam call.

(458) 206-3767Dangerous

Call from robotic person saying ss number had been suspended

(458) 206-3767Unknown

Yes, I recorded and saved the same voice message. Called the number to see wtf, and it's purely spam and bs

(458) 206-3767Unknown

robotic voice from 458-206-3767 my social security # has been suspended, must call back.

(458) 854-1205Unknown

Called and left no message. Caller I'd shows Oregon I do not know ANYONE in Oregon

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458 area code numbers that might be spam, scams or that people have reported as unidentified callers

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458-669-7894 First seen 2011-08-17 458-721-5649 First seen 2015-01-11
458-363-6660 First seen 2013-06-24 458-363-5660 First seen 2017-11-14
458-333-4494 First seen 2019-07-18 458-257-8529 First seen 2011-03-03
458-526-9508 First seen 2017-10-02 458-726-3028 First seen 2014-07-26
458-363-5660 First seen 2011-01-13 458-363-6660 First seen 2018-12-08
All Time This Month
458-526-9229 First seen 2019-08-10 458-341-1431 First seen 2015-02-11
458-363-2696 First seen 2016-07-15 458-757-3934 First seen 2019-08-15
458-669-5979 First seen 2014-03-24 458-333-6800 First seen 2012-08-02
458-721-1860 First seen 2011-04-24 458-985-5272 First seen 2014-01-21
458-869-6059 First seen 2015-01-05 458-745-9367 First seen 2015-05-27

Cities With coverage

Cascade Locks