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408 Area Code Prefixes

The 408 area code is located in San Jose, California including Morgan Hill, Milpitas and was originally put into service on January 1st 1970. Find whose number this is.

Recently Reported Numbers

(408) 185-8120Dangerous

Student loan scam

(408) 560-3555Unknown

Transcript of the voicemail: "Hi This is Dan at Intero Real Estate. I am calling because my team just listed and sold a few homes here in your neighborhood and that we have a few buyers who are interested in the community. They are still looking for a place to call home. They have not purchased anything yet, so if you know of anyone or if you yourself are considering selling, please give ma cal

(408) 215-1265Harassing

I got 2 time call from this no.

(408) 310-4030Dangerous

Called again and again this morning 3 times already. Number is blocked. How it keep getting in. Who are these Axx Hxxx. Shut it down

(408) 371-1527Unknown

Caller ID showed Unknown Name, call went to voice mail and no message was left.

(408) 571-6720Unknown

Caller ID showed Unknown Name, call went to voice mail and no message was left.

(408) 401-3967Neutral

Called 7 times in the past 2 days. Hangs up without saying anything. Background noise suggests call center operations.

(408) 310-4143Unknown

has called me 8 different times never leaves a message i don't answer calls that just says California

(408) 913-9495Unknown

What you have is the choice of more middlemen who get their electricity from PG&E. PG&E owns all the electric lines and all those middlemen just profit from reselling PG&E's electricity!

(408) 913-9495Dangerous

"I need to speak to the person that handles the PG&E gas bill." Hung up - could hear boiler room noises in background.

Recently Unidentified numbers

408 area code numbers that might be spam, scams or that people have reported as unidentified callers

408-345-7521Pacific Bell
408-458-2913New Cingular Wireless PCS
408-825-1718Teleport Communications Group - San Francisco
408-916-6731AT&T; Local
408-552-9705Usa Mobility Wireless
408-731-6048Pacific Bell
408-909-3664Peerless Network Of California
408-405-5932Cellco Partnership DBA Verizon Wireless
408-473-6276Pacific Bell
408-396-1501Sprint Spectrum L.p.
408-880-799533 Wireless Inc.
408-346-4584Brooks Fiber Communications Of California
408-281-4933Pacific Bell
408-213-9439Allegiance Telecom
408-612-9859Mpower Communications Corp
408-828-2012Cellco Partnership DBA Verizon Wireless
408-672-1284Cellco Partnership DBA Verizon Wireless
408-683-7120Pacific Bell

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408-916-2731 First seen 2016-02-21 408-828-6170 First seen 2016-08-02
408-552-5771 First seen 2016-02-10 408-828-6170 First seen 2016-01-10
408-683-3673 First seen 2018-05-01 408-345-3959 First seen 2018-12-12
408-731-9555 First seen 2012-06-13 408-672-9328 First seen 2018-03-11
408-828-6170 First seen 2013-05-20 408-672-9328 First seen 2014-04-01
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408-281-5452 First seen 2014-10-06 408-731-6808 First seen 2014-02-18
408-958-9079 First seen 2018-07-20 408-552-8790 First seen 2017-05-30
408-909-4929 First seen 2018-01-27 408-612-6264 First seen 2014-07-10
408-281-5452 First seen 2019-05-20 408-683-1424 First seen 2017-07-04
408-731-6808 First seen 2017-12-24 408-683-1424 First seen 2010-08-24

Cities With coverage

Los Gatos
Morgan Hill
Mount Hamilton
San Jose
San Martin
Santa Clara