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(340) 693-2380Unknown

Received a call. No one was on the line after my answer.

(340) 513-8159Unknown

Keeps calling

(340) 642-0419Unknown

Wanted to know who owns this number.

(340) 998-2573Unknown

missed scammer...maybe i should place their number on West African job line posts

(340) 514-6562Unknown

Just called me. No message.

(340) 946-6724Dangerous

Unknown caller, silence/dead air, then hung up. Number is out of the US Virgin Islands; several news articles have identified this as one of the area codes used in several scams to get people to make international calls that end up racking up massive charges, something equivalent to US 900 numbers. Definitely won't be calling back.

(340) 244-2691Unknown

Any ideas who this might be?

(340) 244-1283Unknown

340-244-1283 called my cell phone.

(340) 998-5901Unknown

Keep texting unwanted messages

(340) 222-6718Dangerous

bogus ID no message

Recently Unidentified numbers

340 area code numbers that might be spam, scams or that people have reported as unidentified callers

340-713-5911Virgin Islands Tel. Corp. DBA Innovative Telephone
340-513-3129New Cingular Wireless PCS - GA

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340-207-8809 First seen 2018-01-09 340-601-4620 First seen 2014-06-01
340-788-6869 First seen 2018-12-30 340-207-8809 First seen 2012-11-08
340-170-1163 First seen 2010-03-27 340-989-3069 First seen 2013-09-18
340-788-6869 First seen 2019-04-11 340-348-2287 First seen 2012-01-13
340-713-2067 First seen 2014-07-27 340-385-3118 First seen 2012-01-09
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340-177-3216 First seen 2013-04-15 340-601-4728 First seen 2018-03-20
340-932-4926 First seen 2013-09-28 340-207-3741 First seen 2015-08-18
340-331-6061 First seen 2010-04-30 340-348-3385 First seen 2015-12-21
340-170-6910 First seen 2013-01-31 340-601-4728 First seen 2018-04-02
340-347-1923 First seen 2012-08-28 340-347-1923 First seen 2013-05-27

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