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312 Area Code Prefixes

The 312 area code is located in Chicago, Illinois including Northbrook, Wheeling and was originally put into service on February 4th 1994. Find whose number this is.

Recently Reported Numbers

(312) 872-7661Dangerous


(312) 847-9824Unknown

Claims social is going to be suspended due to fraudulent activity.

(312) 847-6638Dangerous

constant voicemail?

(312) 871-4243Dangerous

CDC immunization Survey

(312) 766-6188Unknown

Scam--about student loan forgiveness. From the listing for the number they left (725-214-2581) Student loan robocalls are a twist on loan scams with a specific focus on student debt. This is a lucrative market for scammers, as student loans may be very large. Sometimes these scammers are just after your personal information. However, scammers may also offer payment reduction or debt forgiveness pl

(312) 871-4243Unknown


(312) 260-1126Safe

Seamless customer service

(312) 586-8990Dangerous

Just silence on the callers end

(312) 374-0184Neutral

This is a marketing research company , so just don't answer ..

(312) 847-6570Dangerous


Recently Unidentified numbers

312 area code numbers that might be spam, scams or that people have reported as unidentified callers

312-339-9542Cellco Partnership DBA Verizon Wireless
312-575-5463Ameritech Illinois
312-547-9595New Cingular Wireless PCS
312-329-7651Ameritech Illinois
312-917-3476Ameritech Illinois
312-822-4768Ameritech Illinois
312-473-3534Ymax Communications Corp.
312-960-1196Ameritech Illinois
312-672-1766Ameritech Illinois
312-362-1074Ameritech Illinois
312-280-9163Ameritech Illinois Clec
312-697-8003Ameritech Illinois
312-745-8683Ameritech Illinois
312-287-8274Sprint Spectrum L.p.

Most searched numbers

All Time This Month
312-672-5811 First seen 2011-12-23 312-287-4530 First seen 2015-11-07
312-697-4012 First seen 2011-08-20 312-180-7522 First seen 2012-07-22
312-697-4012 First seen 2012-10-08 312-917-8981 First seen 2017-10-18
312-280-2916 First seen 2016-07-04 312-329-2056 First seen 2018-04-17
312-960-7199 First seen 2015-07-23 312-917-8981 First seen 2018-04-24
All Time This Month
312-219-4378 First seen 2017-12-14 312-362-3851 First seen 2014-05-02
312-917-3565 First seen 2017-07-19 312-917-3565 First seen 2019-02-12
312-866-2227 First seen 2017-01-23 312-219-4378 First seen 2017-07-16
312-672-2206 First seen 2013-08-03 312-219-4378 First seen 2016-04-16
312-287-1300 First seen 2013-12-26 312-329-2689 First seen 2014-06-13

Cities With coverage

La Grange Park