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272 Area Code Prefixes

The 272 area code is located in Lake Ariel, Pennsylvania including Beaver Spgs and was originally put into service on April 2nd 2014. Find whose number this is.

Recently Reported Numbers

(272) 400-2915Dangerous


(272) 400-2915Neutral

When i asked him what city his office is in he said they do not give that out. So I said I will hang up then. He hollered you a very stupid, stupid man, then made a rude noise on the phone. I hope he felt better because I really laughed hard while hanging up.

(272) 400-2915Neutral

Every day about three times, this number calls me about logging into my Citi Bank Visa account.I do not have a Visa at all. When I call them, just out of curiosity, it only plays piano music.

(272) 400-2915Unknown

My work email showed I missed a call from this number. The only people outside of work I gave this number to are my two children, so they have this number from whoever used to sit here. Caller ID says Lake Ariel, PA, which is suburb of Scranton, Pa.

(272) 216-4875Unknown

Who has this number?

(272) 400-2915Unknown

Asked how my GTI was doing, I told that I traded it in for a truck. He wanted to know type of truck. I asked “why”? He hung up. Oh’ well.

(272) 217-5093Dangerous

Scam. Left a voicemail congratulating me on my excellent payment history (failed to mention to whom) and that I now qualify for a 0% rate on ALL of my credit cards. Yeah sure. I'm 100% certain my two credit card vendors were so enamored by my excellent payment history to an un-named company that they're happy to jettison the profit they make on my interest charges. Come on scammers. Now you're jus

(272) 400-2915Dangerous

There keep call to sales health insurance an it’s a pain in the a*s

(272) 203-6887Unknown

Has called twice. No message left.

(272) 400-2906Unknown

Ring phone no message identifies as call coming from United States

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272 area code numbers that might be spam, scams or that people have reported as unidentified callers

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272-473-9672 First seen 2016-07-30 272-588-4461 First seen 2018-06-20
272-835-6769 First seen 2011-09-28 272-473-9672 First seen 2016-12-09
272-588-4461 First seen 2012-08-15 272-473-9672 First seen 2016-12-30
272-582-3297 First seen 2010-02-14 272-978-3510 First seen 2011-01-03
272-835-6769 First seen 2016-07-24 272-268-1773 First seen 2017-05-01
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272-168-3712 First seen 2015-05-30 272-835-5391 First seen 2012-04-08
272-835-5391 First seen 2014-04-09 272-884-6254 First seen 2014-02-03
272-227-2901 First seen 2016-07-11 272-837-5000 First seen 2016-02-14
272-884-6254 First seen 2015-12-04 272-588-3898 First seen 2015-06-02
272-299-3504 First seen 2018-09-06 272-299-3504 First seen 2016-04-24

Cities With coverage

Beaver Spgs
Lake Ariel