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216 Area Code Prefixes

The 216 area code is located in Cleveland, Ohio including Independence, Beachwood and was originally put into service on February 4th 1994. Find whose number this is.

Recently Reported Numbers

(216) 250-9649Dangerous

NRA solicitations

(216) 930-5010Unknown

first access credit card

(216) 250-9214Dangerous

The usual! I don't answer and they don't leave a message.

(216) 278-0989Harassing

Received call from 216-278-0989 on 10/11/19 at 12:25pm. Male caller immediately prompted me to tell him who I was. Male was young and sounded fake angry. Disconnected call and reported to LEO.

(216) 278-7150Neutral

I'm a recruiter on a recorded line and you inquired about a job opportunity...

(216) 391-6300Unknown

Received a call from a caller nd he tells me his name is Justin from the company Buckeye regarding shipping labels. Justin was very rude, short tempered and arrogant. I informed him that we were not interested and politely hung up to which he calls me back and says are you going to keep hanging up on me or are you going to talk. I asked if he would like me to take a message and I would pass it alo

(216) 273-9278Unknown

Many calls, no msg ever left. Called ID lists "SSI".

(216) 282-3198Unknown

Why would you bother calling back a scammer? This is the fake process server scam. Just block and ignore their calls.

(216) 293-4049Unknown

Scam about owing debt.

(216) 658-0169Unknown

This number keeps calling me but I don't answer and they do not leave VM.

Recently Unidentified numbers

216 area code numbers that might be spam, scams or that people have reported as unidentified callers

216-396-9262Cellco Partnership DBA Verizon Wireless
216-509-3651Cellco Partnership DBA Verizon Wireless
216-701-2619Sprint Spectrum L.p.
216-308-8537Cellco Partnership DBA Verizon Wireless
216-642-2815Ameritech Ohio
216-264-4829Sprint Communications Company, L.p.
216-295-2894Ameritech Ohio
216-421-6370Ameritech Ohio
216-625-9925American Messaging (am)
216-398-7514Ameritech Ohio
216-523-2086Ameritech Ohio
216-581-5326Ameritech Ohio
216-761-8127Ameritech Ohio
216-774-2497Ameritech Ohio

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216-523-1647 First seen 2016-12-12 216-421-6046 First seen 2017-07-19
216-421-6046 First seen 2012-08-05 216-774-9433 First seen 2017-05-14
216-572-8143 First seen 2013-10-03 216-581-5624 First seen 2013-10-20
216-523-1647 First seen 2017-02-15 216-761-4746 First seen 2012-09-12
216-264-8631 First seen 2012-03-23 216-308-5929 First seen 2014-01-21
All Time This Month
216-421-4433 First seen 2017-05-17 216-421-4433 First seen 2017-10-22
216-821-9777 First seen 2015-10-23 216-234-9480 First seen 2011-04-15
216-572-5853 First seen 2018-07-26 216-234-9480 First seen 2012-07-31
216-295-4028 First seen 2016-10-13 216-396-7483 First seen 2018-08-05
216-509-4913 First seen 2016-10-29 216-762-6140 First seen 2015-07-28

Cities With coverage

Maple Heights